April 22, 2008

Moving on

It's taken me a few days to decide, but I have finally come to a conclusion: I'm moving.

No, not physically. I'm moving my blog. It's been fun these last couple of years on Blogger, but I've discovered Wordpress and I think it fits my needs better. So, farewell to Blogger and hello Wordpress. All my posts have been moved over (it's a lot easier than it sounds) and when you visit the new site, you'll find my very first blog there! More changes are coming as soon as I can get my graphic designer in motion. (Yes, I have a secret graphic designer. Everyone should have a friend who can do such things.)

My new site is http://clarityamongconfusion.wordpress.org. Please note the change and fix up your links!

April 17, 2008

Back on Terra Firma

Flew there and back again, now I'm spit back out in the land of fruits and nuts...and warm weather and glorious spring veggies...YUM! My time in England was incredible. I got to see old friends, and made some new ones. I explored Camden, which I love, and visited some old tourist sites I love.

My favorite moments were when Jessica and I stumbled across some cool corner of the city, and we just stopped to soak it in. InSpiral Cafe in Camden served up tea and a veggie buffet, and The Old Blue Last offered us her best Saturday night crowd. If only I was called to work in England...*sigh* No use in worrying about it, though, since I know that I am called to California. But England will always be my "second country" so to speak. It has been since I was 17, on my very first visit with my French teacher.

April 02, 2008

Death is taxes, and I'm ready for a vacation

I just helped put 13 missionary students and three staff on an airplane headed to Southeast Asia. I'm tired. I can't find anyone who can do my taxes by Saturday, and I'm leaving the country on Monday. So I used TurboTax. Please God, I pray I did it right. On a happier note, God supplied the money I needed to pay my taxes, which is a huge weight off my mind.

By the way, I, the Queen of Travel Planning, who has trouble being separated from her guide book and maps, has done precious little planning for this England trip. Jessica, who is traveling with me, and has a similar disease, has done no planning to speak of either. The only things on our agenda so far: Camden Market, British Museum, Burn Service at St. Alban's, Fifteen (Jamie Oliver's restaurant, and our one blowout food event. Can you say, "Hello sandwiches!") Don't get me wrong. We plan on doing plenty, particularly the free museums; we just aren't sure what we will be in the mood for. We also get the feeling that God has some spontaneous things for us on this trip, so we want to leave space for Him to work. I kind of like the fact that we are leaving things so wide open. My brain is fried, and planning properly requires brain power, so I am more than willing to lay aside my OCD trip planning and embrace spontaneity for once. Perhaps after a couple of days at Holmsted, traipsing through the countryside and enjoying the pub at the crossroads, I'll feel more up to it.

Also, I am determined to fit all of my belongings into a "carry-on" size Samsonite, which I will check, and a small duffel I will take on the plane. Usually, my Girl Scout sense of being prepared for all occasions means that I pack a large suitcase and overpack for the plane as well. Maybe I'm changing my ways. Or maybe I realize getting from Heathrow to Gatwick, then later up to London, is no piece of cake when you have enough luggage for three people.

At any rate, I am looking forward to the eight hours on a plane. It will be my first "slug moment" since January. I can't wait to delve into "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers," and watch all the movies I haven't rented because it would be a waste of money to spend money on such drivel, but secretly want to see anyway. After that, I'll take a Tylenol PM, prop myself up against the window, and sleep until we touch down in the land my heart loves. Ah. Bliss.

March 26, 2008

Shrinking me

Does it say something about me that I really look forward to a visit with my counselor? I mean, literally, I skip out the door, down the steps and hop in my car when it's time to go. And this is at 9 a.m. On a Monday. Honest. That's like a record for me, I think. I started thinking about this yesterday, because I've been going for over a month now, and things have been going really well. I'm tackling something new just about every session, spending time each week working on the issues we talk about, and thinking of methods I can use to free myself from my old junk. But here's my problem: I'm thinking that pretty soon all the things I went to counseling for in the first place are going to be dealt with, and I'll have no reason to go back. I've really enjoyed having someone to listen to me, and I love figuring things out. I don't want to quit, even though I'm on the road to recovery. Which begs the question: Can you get addicted to counseling?

February 20, 2008

BIts of brain

There is no escaping it: I am in love with Ryan Adams. Well maybe I love his music. Yeah, not in love. Just love his art. Anyway, I went to see him in Santa Barbara a few weeks ago with my friend Jess, and she was so amazing as to get me a live bootleg of the show. Bliss. Petulant child he may be, but Adams was so put together on stage. The band was on, and when the audience let him, he navigated the show and gave folks what they came for. I am thankful for Jess and her brother, who are directly responsible for me getting to see cool shows in California. It's a little more complicated to get to said shows, because no one really comes to SLO. You have to travel to Santa Barbara, San Francisco or LA to see anything not local.

*sigh* It makes me miss Nashville.


I'm listening to David Bazan, formerly of Pedro the Lion. I'm liking one I'm hearing, although it's taking me a little while to get used to it. It's folk rock with pop sensibilities. Well, half of it anyway. It's five songs done pop style, the redone acoustic. I feel slightly ripped off that there's not more material, but I do like the songs. I recommend it. But not more than Easy Tiger.


Onetruth Clothing is closing up shop after 10 years. I remember going to Cornerstone a couple of years and seeing their booth, but I didn't know much about it. I tended to buy CD's by the handful, and sort of missed the whole thing. Then I moved to the Central Coast and learned more about this amazing company and what they stand for. Really, a very cool group of people, headed up by a guy with his heart in the right place. Visit them at www.onetruth.com, check out the designs, and maybe purchase something as they close the book on their ministry.


I made curried butternut squash soup tonight. Oh dear. That. Was. Amazing. I will be making this stuff by the bucketload in the near future.


Books are meant to be read, not sit on your shelf at home. Remember that kids.

February 02, 2008

According to the paternity test...

I was in Target this evening, and in the next aisle, I heard a father and daughter talking.

Little Girl: You're not really a daddy.
Dad: Really? I'm not?
Little Girl: No. Mommy says you're like a little kid.

I do not make these things up. I promise.

The night time is the write time

I recently e-mailed an old friend of mine (Hi K!) and we've been in this conversation about Ryan Adams and other randomness. Really randomness. Although K and I lost touch for a good long while (How long has been K? Eight years?), we still jabber away as if we were still hanging out back in our maudlin university days. There are always those people who bring out the best in us, and K inspires me to write my little heart out, the likes of which hasn't happened much since I quit my writing job two years ago. Maybe it's the whacked out way he writes. Or the fact that he acts as if I am a competent writer....heh. Whatever, it's helping me. Loads.

Which brings me to the point: The two of us have been mulling over doing some writing together to see what might come out. If you've read my anecdotes on this blog, then you know what this could mean. Utter, chaotic fun! Yay! And K is a much better writer than me. Really. Could be epic.

Now I just have to figure out when I'm going to do said writing. The middle of the night? Cause at the moment, that's about all the time I have with DTS going on right now.

January 28, 2008

Long lost twin?

I visited Calvary Shoreline this Sunday, making it three weeks in a row where I've been in church. Woot!

It was a particularly cold and windy day. As in, so windy I could have sworn I saw a cow fly past, and was almost knocked on my rear twice while trying to get to the church door. (Note to self: Never wear heels when the weather calls for cold, rain and wind. Much harder to dash from car to church.) After service, I wound up walking behind a guy who was wearing shorts and sandals. Shorts and sandals! Really! Oh, you Californians. Afraid to admit when the weather is too cold for beach wear.

Exiting the church, I turned to him.
Me: "Aren't you freezing in shorts?"
Shorts guy: "Oh no. My love of king and country keep me warm."
Me: *loud guffaw*

I think I frightened him with my, um, unique laugh, but I don't care who you are, that's funny right there. I think I may have found my male counterpart, because that's exactly the kind of randomness that would come out of my own mouth.