January 28, 2008

Long lost twin?

I visited Calvary Shoreline this Sunday, making it three weeks in a row where I've been in church. Woot!

It was a particularly cold and windy day. As in, so windy I could have sworn I saw a cow fly past, and was almost knocked on my rear twice while trying to get to the church door. (Note to self: Never wear heels when the weather calls for cold, rain and wind. Much harder to dash from car to church.) After service, I wound up walking behind a guy who was wearing shorts and sandals. Shorts and sandals! Really! Oh, you Californians. Afraid to admit when the weather is too cold for beach wear.

Exiting the church, I turned to him.
Me: "Aren't you freezing in shorts?"
Shorts guy: "Oh no. My love of king and country keep me warm."
Me: *loud guffaw*

I think I frightened him with my, um, unique laugh, but I don't care who you are, that's funny right there. I think I may have found my male counterpart, because that's exactly the kind of randomness that would come out of my own mouth.


Mary said...


You have to be making that up...that is awesome---

Scooby said...

Would I make something like this up? Not hardly.

To top it off, he was kinda cute, and I basically laughed really loud in his face. Then couldn't really think of anything to say.

Kenny said...

Grit your teeth, and think of England.

Mary said...

Can I use this??? I'll give you a credit...